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Who is Mohammad Albjady ? #AlbjadyHungerStrike @saudidetainees‏

Who is Mohammad Albjady ? Mohamad #*Albjady* is a 34yr old #*Saudi* whose daughter Lara, 8, & son Turki, 3, await him @ home in Burayda, Qaseem. #*Albjady* is from a wealthy Qaseem merchant family, was never in need of money, but instead- he often said- of #*freedom* #*Albjady* 's 1st detention was in '05 for sit-in supporting political detainees' families, during which his father died. Since before detention, #*Albjady* advocated "peaceful jihad", a cause that occupied his thoughts #*Albjady* was detained again after talking on TV about the death of Yemeni prisoner Sultan Du'ais #*Albjady* was released from 2nd detention to resume his struggle for prisoners of conscience. He wasn't known then #*Albjady* inherited enough money to start business tho it never took him from cause of rights & people who were wronged. On 20Mar'11 #*Albjady* set out from Qaseem to Riyadh to support the protest of families of the illegally detained Though #*Albjady* had no relatives whatsoever among them, he went out to protest & tweeted in support of all detainees. #*Albjady* tweeted during the protest that an officer asked if he had detained relative, he replied all were his family On 21Mar'11 #*Albjady* was detained till now w/no charges or just trial, seen in MOI court blindfolded, ankles shackled On 21Feb'12 #*Albjady* began #* AlbjadyHungerStrike* to protest his extrajudicial treatment/detention & hasn't eaten till today Upon last arrest #*Albjady* was in solitary confinement for 4 months then regular prison, secret trial w/no lawyer access


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