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Confirm your email address for your Microsoft account

Hello, █████████@██████: We have received your request to add an email address to your Microsoft account. - █████████@██████ Added If you added this email address, use this link to confirm:█████████@██████&aliastype=Email&otc=*CosXRVhnsxK*gZ81CHYd5A7Yo7Y6R5FVqtk8qs5nusfV8Un1NZGkEYqAaJtocgiV7e6ZKxnbUEGVB7Dk6aHQ!5I$&mn=█████████@██████ If you didn't add this email address, cancel the request by using this link:█████████@██████&aliastype=Email&otc=*CosXRVhnsxK*gZ81CHYd5A7Yo7Y6R5FVqtk8qs5nusfV8Un1NZGkEYqAaJtocgiV7e6ZKxnbUEGVB7Dk6aHQ!5I$&mn=█████████@██████ Thanks, The Microsoft account team


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