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*GOOPLAY! THE EFFECTIVENESS OF EDUCATIONAL VIDEO GAME IN IMPROVING WEB-SEARCHING SKILLS FOR CHILDREN.* (supervisor: Hanan Abdulhameed) Search engines are effective tools to find information very quickly. However, beginners or unprofessional users follow bad searching habits while using them. Thus, this research project aims to design an educational video game and test its effectiveness in developing effective web-searching behaviors while using the search engine for children (age10-12). The researcher tests three hypotheses: (1)assumes that the educational video game "GOOPLAY" will develop web-searching skills for children, (2)assumes playing "GOOPLAY" will develop web-searching skills better than the traditional teaching method, and(3) assumes that using the "GOOPLAY" with the traditional teaching method will be better than using the game alone. Three groups have been sampled from a local school to test the hypotheses with pre and post tests: control group used traditional teaching method, experimental group (1) used the "GOOPLAY" game, and experimental group (2) used the traditional teaching method with the "GOOPLAY" game. After the experimentation, T-Tests have been performed at significance level of 95% to compare the means of pre and post tests. Results indicate that the educational video game not only improved web-searching skills (T=-7.862, P


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