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New! Twitter tailored audience export by Union Metrics

Get better at targeting with Twitter audience export Want to get more out of your Twitter ad campaigns? With the right message in front of the right audience, you can have a much more effective Twitter ad campaign, and our latest new feature aims to do just that! With the new Twitter tailored audience export , you to create customized audience lists to upload to your Twitter ads manager and target with ads. Using Union Metrics analytics, you can set up Twitter trackers to find the audiences you want to reach, such as: - Your competitor's followers - Folks who Tweet about relevant events and hashtags - Accounts that mention industry keywords, articles or URLs - Industry leaders and influencers With easy access to better tailored audiences, Union Metrics can help you drive more results from your paid Twitter campaigns. Want to see the Twitter tailored audience export in action? We're hosting a webinar next Thursday, January 19th , to discuss its many use-cases and demonstrate how quick and easy the export is. Click here to register. Register now


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