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Union Metrics News: Introducing the Twitter Assistant, tips for 2018, and more

All the social analytics news you can use, from Union Metrics Season's greetings from Union Metrics! We're wrapping up 2017 and are excited to share the latest on social media analytics. Catch up in the December newsletter. Twitter and Union Metrics launch the Twitter Assistant!   We're excited to announce the new Twitter Assistant! We've partnered with Twitter to build a free analytics tool that helps businesses grow on Twitter. The Twitter Assistant analyzes your recent Tweets to generate custom tips for how to improve. Click here to try it now! Join us for a webinar, Thursday, Dec. 14th , to learn how to get the most out of the Twitter Assistant. We'll walk through examples of the Assistant's recommendations and discuss how to apply them to your Twitter marketing. Save my seat Try adding these tactics to your 2018 social media strategy Should you use images and videos in Tweets? It's an old best practice, so does it still hold true? In this blog post, we discuss whether adding visuals to your Tweets can help increase engagement. Read more. Finding the right influencer for your brand Influencer marketing can be really impactful but it's important to find one that perfectly fits your brand. In this blog post, we break down how to identify the right influencer. Read more. Some of our favorite holiday campaigns from this year Old Spice packs a holiday punch Tired of all the mistletoe and jingle bells? To promote a new holiday deodorant pack, Old Spice took a non-traditional approach and debuted an hour-long video of spokesperson Terry Crews shouting over an exploding Yule log, and it's as wacky as it sounds. Watch it here. Giving back with Wild Turkey Along with Matthew McConaughey and over 250 volunteers, Wild Turkey delivered 4,500 turkeys to families in need this past Thanksgiving. Read more about this campaign and others that had us feeling extra thankful in this blog post. Our lowest price yet, $29/mo Want to grow your Twitter or Instagram account but don't have the budget for most professional analytics? With the new Union Metrics Lite Plan, you can analyze an account or topic for just $29 per month. Click here to sign up!


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