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Union Metrics News: PRSA ICON takeaways, Instagram quick tips and more

All the social analytics news you can use, from Union Metrics Hello from Union Metrics! We hope you're having a good October. Catch up on our experience at PRSA ICON and our latest social media tips in this month's newsletter. Here's what we learned at PRSA ICON 2018 Purpose, values, ethics We attended PRSA ICON this year (and moderated a panel!) to learn about the current communications environment. Read our top takeaways. Top #PRSAICON Tweets As social media marketers, we loved reading the digital PR conversation happen on social. See our favorite social posts. Catch up on our latest quick tips for Instagram New Superzoom features Instagram's always adding new Superzoom settings. Learn about them in this blog. Discover Nametags Users now have nametags that makes it easier to network and find friends. Learn more.  Free Instagram Checkup Analyze your Instagram account to get tips on how you can improve with a free checkup.  See Union Metrics social media analytics in action! Need social media analytics? Sign up for free 30-minute demo to see how Union Metrics can impact your social media strategy. We'll cover: - Owned profile analysis for Twitter, Instagram and Facebook - Real-time social listening, brand monitoring, and powerful research - Campaign reporting with content recommendations Sign up for a demo 2019 Crisis Prevention Kit Don't get caught in a crisis without a plan. Click here  to get the resources you need to prepare for a crisis.


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