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Dear Colleague, The International Youth Peace Foundation Conference (I.Y.P.F) is pleased to invite you to participate in the forth-coming International Conference on Child Abuse, ebola virus,HIV/AIDS, Racism and Human Trafficking.This event will commence from July 6th- 9th 2015 in California, United State of America and July 13th-16th to 2015 in Republic of Senegal. I am honored to invite you to attend these events as my guest.For more details and requirements for your registration, kindly contact the secretary Mrs Barbara Williams. via E-mail: (█████████@██████) Also feel free to contact me if you need any further details related to these events. Endeavor to inform the secretary that you were invited to participate by me (Ms. Michelle Donald)a staff member of the Global Youth Peace Foundation Conference. Note that the Organizing Committee and Our donor sponsors will take the full responsibility of all registered participants visa processing for the United States & Republic of Senegal respectively. That will include your Round trip air tickets to both events. While delegates will only be responsible for confirming their Hotel accommodation in Republic of Senegal where the second phase of the event will take place. I do hope you can make time in your busy schedule to attend these conferences and share your ideas on the listed topic above. Kindly keep me informed via (█████████@██████) if you will be able to make it to attend the events. Thanks Ms. Ms. Michelle Donald The International Youth Peace Foundation Conference (I.Y.P.F) Los Angles, California United State of America


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