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Stop receiving emails? Unsubscribe   Good morning! Quick: Be the first to preview the very newest listings from your "People I Trust". These are your trusted relationships. You earned the right to grab the best stuff before someone else does! Want your listing to be included in this email tomorrow? List now Manilla Cardboard Folder Rick Steele Bid $3.00 7 hrs X-treme Heavy Duty 2 Hole Punch Rick Steele Bid $8.00 7 hrs 17 Meters of 3 Lead Solid Core Cable Rick Steele Bid $15.00 7 hrs Danish/Swedish Pocket Translator Rick Steele Bid $10.00 7 hrs Keep scrolling (more listings below) Did you know? By bidding or buying you're automatically closing the loop with the seller, and then it's their turn to close the loop back with you by bidding on your listings. List something now You can make a profit by automatically reselling (sponsoring) the item So buy it for yourself, buy it to make a profit, or do it to close the loop. Why not bid on almost everything? 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