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On Nov. 12 you earned $0.62 Cobbra Moore, you would have earned $286 more if you were a Mission Visionary or above. Become a Mission Visionary All-time revenues: $143.35 Month 1: $143 out of $209 earned Month 2: $0 out of $790 earned Month 3: $0 out of $1,700 earned Month 4: $0 out of $2,497 earned Month 5: $0 out of $3,460 earned Month 6: $0 out of $4,768 earned Month 7: $0 out of $5,969 earned Month 8: $0 out of $7,170 earned Success is as easy as 1 2 3 1 Post and close loops daily That’s what brings others to help you earn -- by "Liking" your posts and buying your stuff Learn more 2 Hit your daily goal That’s what pops up the Mission Wheel -- which converts your earnings to cash outs and shopping Learn more 3 Earn mission points That’s what grows the wheel’s prizes (cash and shopping) all the way up to a maximum of $100,000 per wheel slot How to earn mission points: Sell: The greater your sales and the more customers you serve, the more points you earn. You earn when they click "Item (or service) received" on the products and services you list. Show: Invite a friend and show them how empowr works. You earn matching points: 1 point for each point they earn Coach: Become a success coach and earn 2 points for every $1 in coaching bonus you receive Use PayPal: Pay for anything in empowr using your PayPal - earn 1 point for each $1 you spend Step up: Take on any non-volunteer mission role QUICK LINKS: Review your balance See the top performers on the leaderboard Who else is on empowr that you already trust? Got questions? Watch quick videos in the learning center, or ask an expert anything


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